The Portsmouth Stroke Club

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The Portsmouth Stroke club was originally formed at The Frank Sorrell Centre in 1991. At that time, a small group of people felt there was a need to increase opportunities for social contact and support for sufferers and simultaneously to offer their carers some respite from caring responsibilities.

In 2001, The Portsmouth Stroke Club moved to the Wesley Centre and then, in January 2011, to The Stacey Centre with regular weekly meetings held every Tuesday from 2pm - 4pm in The Stacey Lounge.

Registered as a charity, The Portsmouth Stroke Club is affiliated to The Stroke Association. Mainly self funded, members are required to pay an annual subscription fee of £10 and a weekly members fee of £2.

Once a month during the first hour, there is a physiotherapy session in which members and carers perform chair exercises guide by a physiotherapy technician, in between enjoying fun exercises.


On alternate Tuesdays, members can join one of two groups: one group is specifically for those with speech difficulties who, working either one to one or as a group, perform exercises: the other group are at leisure to socialise, enjoy a game of dominoes and generally communicate with each other.

Following a break at 3pm for refreshments and a raffle, various activities complete the weekly programme, these may include: attendance by guest speakers, quizzes, craftwork or bingo.

A newsletter is circulated to members every two months to inform on future events and other news.

The Club is on hiatus during August, however there is a trip to Hill Head during the Summer break; members have always been lucky with sunshine every time! At Easter, a fun competition is held, in which everyone joins in and prior to the Christmas break the Club hold a Christmas Lunch Party.

The principal aims of The Portsmouth Stroke Club are friendship, fellowship, sharing, caring and support for our members and their carers, and to have fun together.

For further information, you may wish to visit the Stroke Association website.

If you would like further information on joining the Club, please contact us at The Stacey Centre.


The Stacey Centre Lounge

2pm - 4pm